Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pictures from Kona Lanes Karaoke

Here are some pictures from my karaoke show, plus some pictures thoughtfully donated by Carolyn. She is part of "The Mom's Club". Thanks for the pictures! Please email me a if you have some things you would like to share!

Courtesy of Carolyn of "The Mom's Club"

Here's the "Mom's Club"

Bill "Boom Boom" Miller

Chris B. and Jason

Chris B. as the Terminator

The lovely Firefighter on the far right is Jenny K., (now Jenny B.) She and Chris B. met and fell in love at Kona Karaoke! They have been happily married for a few years now.

Ms. T. and Cid

Cid as Quasimodo

Cid is a terrific singer! We met at Mic and AJ's karaoke show in Tustin.

Still cleaning up props after all these years. God, I Love Her!

Kathy AKA "Sparky" (Ever notice that most singers at Kona had a nickname?)

Daniel Walters

Daniel and Pepper share a dance. Check out the 9-11 poster on the wall. I made it at my day job for our "Benefit for Victims of 9-11" fund raiser

Ed the security guard

This lovely lady in the middle is no longer with us. Her husband found me just last year to tell me how much they enjoyed coming to the show. God bless both of you!

After all these years, Jessie and Bob still come to my show! Thanks guys!

Joey B. holds a pumpkin on Halloween. Richey is impressed.

Joey B! Look out behind you!

Hey! It's Kent!

I still got it.

Performing as Weird Al

Krickett and Tracy

"Dynamite comes in small packages"

Remember "Lady Blues"?

On the left is Laura. Her and her boyfriend Skyler still come to my show also.

Lisa T. on Halloween


Max and his girlfriend Melody also met at the Kona and are still together! Love you guys!

Ms. T. and me

Your karaoke hostess with the mostest, Ms. T!

Ms. T. dressed up for Halloween

Nikki and her little sister

On the right here is Gina, who is now a karaoke host herself!

I wonder whatever happened to Steve?

Cool costume Steve!

It's Rob and Maus! (You ROCK Maus!)

Uncadude and Randy

Is that Vernon? (with a mustache?)

Another wild night of karaoke!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Francis Albert!

Pepper, Darrell, Mary and Krickett and Boom Boom

Cid, Krickett and Pepper. The girls loved the props!


(From left to right) Ken, Curt, Pepper, Joey B., Krickett and Brian

My girls!

Pepper takes the spotlight

Two-Thirds of the band "Whitestar"

Jon!I miss you buddy!

Years later I assembled my Kona items and displayed at Durty Nellys. I have more pictures to add so stay tuned! - Kevin